travel management

n3rv3 group provides travel management services to our clients worldwide. We will book and coordinate flights, ground transportation, hotels, work visas, and accommodate any logistical need that will allow for an easier travel process for our clients. 

event logistics

n3rv3 group will act is the primary contact between the artist, their respective agent/management office, and the event promoter prior, during, and after each show to ensure all parties are satisfied with the development and execution of the event.

project management

n3rv3 group can take on a full project management role or offer specialized support alongside your team. We customize our services to fit our client’s specific needs. We have experience in overseeing everything a project will need: tour/event design, professional crew, logistics and transportation, security detail, accommodations, insurance, trucking and professional equipment lease. Save valuable time and money and hire qualified professionals to assist with your next event or tour. We have the knowledge and experience in all phases necessary to minimize costs and ensuring successful results.